Diabetes Empowerment Education Program™

DEEP™ Program Overview

We believe that the more you know about your condition, the better able you are at making lifestyle changes and decisions that will improve your health. That’s why we are offering our Diabetes Empowerment and Education Program (DEEP™), especially designed with you in mind. Taking an active role in your health is a step toward a healthier and happier life.

DEEP™ is a Medicare-approved, evidence-based diabetes selfmanagement program for people with prediabetes or diabetes. The no-cost program – which runs for six weeks – provides you with information and practical skills to help you manage your diabetes.

The DEEP™ classes are highly interactive, fun, and presented in a supportive group environment. Members on Medicare or 65+ who participate in all six sessions will receive a $100 gift card. You are encouraged to bring one guest (although they are not eligible to receive the gift card unless they meet eligibility criteria)*.

DEEP™ workshop topics include:

  • Understanding the human body

  • Knowing diabetes risk factors and complications

  • Eating healthy and meal planning

  • Working with your doctors

  • Losing weight

  • Managing medications

  • Being physically active

  • Finding community resources

  • And more every day tips!

For dates and times, to reserve your space for all six sessions or for more information, call (844) 418-8304 or email healthyway@regalmed.com

*Non-members who are on Medicare or are 65+ are eligible to receive a $40 gift card; eligibility will be verified.

Mike's Story

Mike was overweight, his blood pressure was out of control, and he had no idea how to take charge of his diabetes. With the help of our program, Mike quickly received valuable information, tools, and the support he needed to get well. He lost more than 70 pounds, completely changed his diet, and started a new medication. He also learned about lifestyle modification and exercise. Today, he is healthy, fit, trim, and loving life.