Patient Resources

Bettering your life through the way we care is our most important goal.

Like many Independent Physician Associations, Greater Covina Medical Group provides high quality healthcare at lower out-of-pocket costs to our members. Being part of the Greater Covina Medical Group family means having a team dedicated to your overall health. We strive to build lasting connections with members in the communities we serve. These valuable connections are strengthened by applying care that is personalized to your individual wants, needs and personality.

We believe in practicing prevention over intervention. Our philosophy is to help our patients stay healthy – not just treating them when they are ill.  We work closely with our providers and members in offering valuable resources, guidance, and expertise that everyone at Greater Covina Medical Group is committed to providing.

Our physicians collaborate in a united effort to promote preventive health care and education in an environment of compassion and caring for all of our members. With continued innovation and years of experience, we will lead a healthcare evolution where everyone experiences their lives to their fullest possibilities. Join us and share in the experience of better health and vitality.

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